Fauzia’s Vision for Regional Council

Be Bold. Be Different. Be Kitchener.


Four ways we are stronger together

We are stronger when we GROW together. A vibrant, diversified and innovative economy creates well-paying and stable jobs and thriving local small businesses. Growing together also means:

  • Supportive wages;
  • Fair labour practices;
  • Job skills training;
  • A strong social safety net, and
  • Fair benefits for people on fixed incomes.

We are stronger when we WORK together. Success comes when we work in tandem with other orders of government, businesses, the social profit sector, citizens and Indigenous and other communities to create solutions that work for everyone.

We are stronger when we STAND together. 

When we bridge our differences for the common good, or the Big Picture, we build a region where artists, seniors, tech, cultural facilitators and others know their value and the impact it has on the community.

We are stronger when we ACT together. Collective action to solve complex societal challenges – and to create a healthy community – includes mobilizing local businesses, volunteers, organizations, schools, health authorities and health services.

Four ways we build a healthy community for everyone

  1. Housing that is affordable to all income levels: We need:
  • Deliberate policies that require developers to set aside a portion of new development for rental housing geared to income.
  1. Public transit that is accessible, affordable and the first choice for travel: We need:
  • Accessible all-season trails and bike lanes, and smart plan for active infrastructure;
  • Affordable fares and a reliable public transit system that connects community members with services and opportunities
  • Champions of public transit in our community inspire residents to prefer the public transit system to get around.
  • Expanded access to public transit through offering subsidies to residents who are not able to afford the cost.
  1. Sustainability of our built and natural environment: We need:
  • Our urban built environment to consider the community’s health and wellbeing first, especially in mixed-use neighbourhoods and high-density areas. This includes creating walkable communities and a connected active transportation system.
  • To be stewards of our natural environment, including keeping our air and water clean, connecting with nature and our urban forest for good mental health, and preserving the Greenbelt.
  1. A community where everyone feels welcomed and included: When people feel part of their community, they thrive and their communities, in turn, will also prosper. We need:
  • Opportunities for neighbours to get together;
  • More community gardens;
  • Leadership that reflects our region’s demographics;
  • Opportunities for residents to get involved;
  • Public services and social infrastructure that supports people of all incomes, ages and backgrounds.
  • A thriving art and culture scene with community festivals, arts performances, museums, galleries and cultural activities

Time to change

The Greek philosopher, Hericlatus, said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and so is our political environment. Our community is changing just as quickly. We need:

  • A council that reflects the increasing diversity of the community we live in, play in and love.
  • A decision-making framework that combines fiscal accountability, social responsibility and environmental impact.
  • Meaningful and reconciled relationships with our Indigenous communities.

Are you ready for change? You can make it happen.

Be bold. Be different. Be Kitchener.

Vote Fauzia on Oct. 22.