Sarah Shafiq
I've worked on several projects with Fauzia and find her to be a smart problem solver, patient, inclusive and humble. She knows how to empower people. One of Fauzia's best assets is her open-mindedness which enables her to really understand and value diverse perspectives.
Doha Amine
Fauzia is passionate about bringing people together to build a welcoming, inclusive, safe community. And she is the most-hard working and inspiring leader.
Gwyneth Mitchell
Fauzia is an amazing community leader with great integrity. I've worked with her on a few community projects and she is just as inspiring as she is hard working. I've learned so much from Fauzia. She continues to be a person I look up to.
Uzma Bhutto
A great leader with a strong vision in anything that she does. A wonderful lady who want things to be done closer to perfection 🙂 Never gives up & believes in hard work. I truly love you & I am so proud of you. Let the race begin 🙂 best of luck.
Kathie Stewart Must
Intelligent, caring, deeply respectful, courageous and an inspiring leader