» About Fauzia

Fauzia Mazhar’s passion brings people and groups together to build a welcoming, inclusive and safe community. She is a community builder, engaged citizen and tireless social innovator. She is also an optimist who likes a good laugh, and is known as an inspiring consensus-builder and keen civic strategist.

She has worked in the local not-for-profit sector for more than 17 years, and takes great pride in being called a “community connector” by those active in community development, citizen engagement, social justice, and art-and-culture sectors.

Currently, she teaches community development and outreach at Conestoga College and manages her family business, a thriving driving school in downtown Kitchener.

Approachable and warm, Fauzia has a big-picture outlook and a growth-focused mindset, which keeps her on her toes to make all things better, all the time. She has managed family businesses, a neighbourhood-based community centre and a large service hub. She applied her big-picture thinking to rejuvenate a long-established organization, and to launch and develop a brand new organization. She skillfully led and managed short-term projects and efforts to bring long-term social change.

Fauzia’s story starts in Pakistan and continues happily in the Region of Waterloo, where she’s made her home and raised her family since 2001. She’s a mother, grandmother, devoted friend, invested mentor, an inspiring role model in many communities and a distinguished leader in several organizations.

A graduate of the Leadership Waterloo Region program, Fauzia champions civic actions for the common good through partnership and on her own. She advocates for social justice, equity and inclusion. Fauzia mobilizes and engages diverse citizens and communities to work together to create sustainable positive social change. Her cultural mediation work rests on a bed of compassion and justice, wrapped in the gifts of informed vision and analysis.

She strives to help newcomers to understand the joys and responsibilities of citizenship, and works with the wider community to understand its contribution to authentic experiences of dignity, equality and integration for immigrants and refugees.

Fauzia Mazhar is an immigrant success story. Her warm sense of belonging in this community was earned the honest way — through the achievements and struggles of starting life in a welcoming community that made room for her vision and skills.

She is now a seasoned leader whose unique voice will bring a fresh perspective to regional council. Use the power of your vote to send Fauzia to the Region of Waterloo Council on October 22!