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Why I am running?

New faces + new ideas = innovation

The Greek philosopher Hericlatus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Our world is changing
at a rapid pace, and so is our political environment. Our community is changing just as quickly. Our
representation at the local level must reflect the increasing diversity of the community we live in, play in
and love.
I believe I am part of a community where individual differences are valued, supported and encouraged.
That’s why I’m running for Region of Waterloo Council. It’s time to change things up; our regional
council needs to be a strong voice at the provincial table in these changing times, and it can only be that
if it looks like and sounds like our local community. New faces + new ideas = innovation.

No one left behind

Our region is prosperous. We are doing well economically, but we are leaving an increasing number of
people behind. Some of our youth are in precarious housing. Many seniors are on fixed incomes, but
housing is getting more expensive. Newcomers to our community struggle to settle, work, and belong.
There is a growing gap between haves and have nots. At a time when we are at risk of diminishing
supports from our provincial government, our regional council must consider bridging the gap between
haves and have nots in all of its programs and services.

Compassionate & sustainable growth

Being socially just means being a steward of the environment. Public transit is a big piece of that, locally.
One of the biggest challenges with the new ION, when it is in full operation, will be building ridership.
We should be proud of our public transit system – all of it – because it makes it possible for us to live in
a sustainable community. Public transit combined with a smart plan for active infrastructure such as bike
lanes and trails gets us off the roads, which is better for the environment. And better for us. Now, more
than ever, we need champions of public transit in our community who can get residents excited about
using the public transit system as a preferred way of getting around.

Inclusive community

A healthy community is a diverse and inclusive community. We must move beyond “accommodation”
and plan for full inclusion of all into the social and economic fabric of our region. We will always have
people who can’t – or aren’t able to – catch up or keep up.
Our region is prospering. This is good, but we need to remember many struggle during the good times.
The time is right to look around at our neighbours, our business owners, the people we pass on the
street, and think about who is missing from the table. We hear the dominant voices, the loudest voices,
the organized voices, but whose voices are missing from the conversation?
I know you don’t want yours to be one of them. It will be my honour to be your voice, the missing voice,
on the regional council table. Use your vote as your voice on October 22 to make your regional council
looks like the community it represents!